• Beach of the Dead

    Beach of the Dead

    A funny & popular annual Zombie walk event in Brighton

  • Dusk 'til Dawn

    Dusk ’til Dawn

    Timelapses shot at Dusk and Dawn throughout the beautiful Sussex countryside

  • A Disappearing Place

    A Disappearing Place

    Benacre broad is a nature reserve that is slowly disappearing under the sea due to coastal erosion.

  • Worlds


    Conceptual short. Shot in one day for BFC challenge.

  • Dead Man Talking

    Dead Man Talking

    Short film we shot in under two hours.

  • Sharing Culture

    Sharing Culture

    A short portrait of a view that pervades the zeitgeist of technological change.

  • Two Plus Two Trailer

    Two Plus Two Trailer

    Trailer for an absurd silent film we are currently making called Two Plus Two

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